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The Best Tape for Outdoor Pickleball Court

outdoor pickleball tape marking pickleball courts

Have you ever wanted to have a pickleball court in your backyard? With the right outdoor pickleball tape, it’s possible. Many people line courts with court tape instead of painting court lines. However, deciding which tape is best can be tricky. If you’re looking for the best tape for an outdoor pickleball court, consider trying one of these alternatives.

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One of the great things about pickleball is that it can be played just about anywhere. You don’t need a lot of space or special equipment. All you need is a net, paddles, and a ball. Of course, if you’re going to be playing regularly, it’s nice to have a dedicated space. That’s where court tape comes in.


Court tape is a great way to create temporary or permanent pickleball courts. Most court tape is made from durable materials that can withstand weather and wear and tear. Court tape is also easy to apply and remove, so you can set up or take down your court as needed.

Qualities to Look For in Selecting Outdoor Court Tape

If you are looking to buy court tape for an outdoor pickleball court, there are several key factors you will want to keep in mind. We’ve listed the most important qualities below:


The color of the court tape can be important for both aesthetic and practical reasons. Some people prefer to have a brightly colored court so that the lines are more visible, while others may want a more subtle look. You’ll find different color options available for most court tapes. Typically, both pickleball and tennis courts use white lines. However, if you are repurposing a tennis court, you will want the pickleball lines to stand out from the tennis court lines.


The thickness of the tape is another important factor to consider. You’ll want to make sure that the tape is heavy-duty court tape and thick enough to withstand wear and tear, but not so thick that it makes it difficult to apply or remove.


The width of the tape will determine how wide your court’s lines will be. You’ll want to ensure that the width is appropriate for the size of your court. The USA Pickleball Association specifies two-inch lines for a pickleball court.


You’ll want to make sure that you have enough tape to cover the entire pickleball court. For a standard pickleball court, you’ll need 198 feet of court tape.

Adhesive Strength:

The adhesive strength of the court tape is important to consider because you’ll want to make sure that the tape will stay in place on the court. You’ll want to make sure the bonding agent is appropriate for your usage.


If your pickleball court lines will be temporary then you will want to consider a tape that will be easier to remove such as blue painter’s tape. Although a little more expensive, we recommend green frog tape as it is easier to remove and leaves less residue.


Consider the court tape’s durability because you’ll want to make sure it can endure wear and tear.

Weather Resistance:

The court tape’s weather resistance is critical since you’ll want to ensure that it can withstand the elements. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations to see if it can tolerate extreme cold or hot temperatures depending on your area.

Heavy Duty Court Tape For Outdoor Pickleball Court

There are several different kinds of tape available for outdoor pickleball courts. Some are specifically designed for courts and an outdoor court surface, while others are multipurpose tapes but still work well for outdoor court lines.


Option 1: Enhance Outdoor Pickleball Court Marking Tape

This heavy duty court tape is the perfect way to quickly mark a pro pickleball court. The easy-to-use foil design works great on any solid surface, and the extra adhesive prevents slippage even in wet conditions. It’s produced from long-lasting materials with a gritty non-slip surface that is perfect for outlining a pickleball court on any asphalt or concrete surface. One roll will cover one pickleball court and comes in a two inch width.

Option 2: iFloortape Athletic Court Tape

This high-tack adhesive tape is perfect for bonding to asphalt, pavement, concrete, and other smooth surfaces. The heavy-duty aluminum foil material provides long-lasting results. The glass bead reflective surface reflects light for increased visibility. This highly reflective permanent court marking tape is ideal for its durability. It will resist fading, chipping, and peeling much better than painted lines. This comes in white or yellow and two or four inch widths. Make sure to buy two rolls to cover a full pickleball court.

Option 3: Gaffer’s Powerbond Floor Tape

This tape is designed for high-traffic areas, making it a great choice for your pickleball court. It’s made from a heavy duty cloth material that can withstand wear and tear, and it has an aggressive adhesive that will keep it in place even when wet. Plus, it comes in white, yellow, or red so you can create a custom look for your court.


No matter which type of tape you choose, be sure to get one that is heavy duty, durable, and easy to apply. That way, you’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor pickleball court all season long!

Pickleball Court Tape Vs. Tennis Court Tape

For the most part court tape is the same for all court sports including a tennis court but there are a few key similarities and differences to consider when using court tape for a pickleball court vs a tennis court.


 Both types of courts require sturdy and durable court tape that can withstand exposure to the elements and regular wear and tear. However, tennis courts typically require more durable tape because tennis involves more high-impact activity.

Additionally, tennis courts are often made with a harder surface than pickleball courts and may need better adhesion.

Line Your Entire Pickleball Court With the Right Court Tape

Now that you know all about the different types of court tape available for outdoor pickleball courts, it’s time to choose the right one for your court. Be sure to consider all of the factors listed above to find the perfect tape for your needs. With so many great options on the market, you’re sure to find the perfect tape for your court.


Q: What tape should I use for an outdoor pickleball court?

A: The right tape for an outdoor pickleball court will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Be sure to consider all of the factors listed above when making your decision.

Q: What are some of the different types of tape available for outdoor pickleball courts?

A: There are several different kinds of court tape available for outdoor pickleball courts. Some are specifically designed for use on outside courts, while others are multipurpose tapes that can be used for a variety of purposes.

Q: How do I apply court tape to my outdoor pickleball court?

A: Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when applying any type of tape to your court. You’ll want to clean the court surface prior to applying the court tape then apply the court tape according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Be sure to allow plenty of time for the adhesive to cure before using your court.



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