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2022 USA Pickleball National Championships – Results and Highlights!

2022 USA Pickleball Championship picture of champions Sunday results.

The USA Pickleball National Championships, held in a true pickleball paradise, Indian Wells, California, United States, will go down as one of the best pickleball championships ever. The competition, which spanned from November 5th to 13th featured 2,291 players, 4,158 matches, 102 certified referees, 176 brackets, and 303 volunteers.



On Sunday, a new record was set for the largest number of pickleball spectators for a pickleball game, as the center court hosted 5,522 fans.



The tournament introduced some new developments and had a couple of new winners during the 8-day competition. In honor of Veterans Day, a couple of events were introduced to honor the veterans. The Palm Desert High School choir thrilled the spectators by singing the National Anthem on the Championship court, coupled with a flyover of two P-51 Mustangs, courtesy of the Palm Springs Air Museum. Ninety-two-year-old pickleball player, former St. Louis Cardinals baseball player, and military veteran, Ron Schmeck graced the event with his presence. He has also played at the Margaritaville USA Pickleball National Championships in years past. Tom Richardson, an Army veteran, and a Pickleball referee for four years was also one of the special appearances at the event.



Four Pickleball legends were inducted during the 2022 Pickleball hall of fame banquet. The inductees include; Norm Davis, Pat Kane, Larry Moon, and Wes Gabrielsen.



Pickleball hall of fame inductees Rick Barry and Mark Friedenberg teamed up to win the senior Men’s Doubles 75+ gold medal. Rick Barry had also won gold in Senior Men’s Doubles 65+ at the 2021 National Championships.



This year, a new doubles event was introduced to the championship, titled “Mixed Pro Split/Age.” In this bracket, Anna Bright and Dave Weinbach faced off against Eva Welsher and Rafa Hewett. Anna Bright and Dave Weinbach won the event’s first-ever gold medal after defeating their opponents 11-5 and 11-4.



The Johns brothers, Ben Johns and Collin Johns, were also part of big winners in the competition. They both teamed up to win the Men’s Doubles title against JW Johnson and Dekel Bar on Sunday. Ben Johns also claimed a gold medal in the Men’s Singles and silver in Mixed Doubles to take home three medals from the week.



The defending champions, Senior Pros Dayne Gingrich and Jennifer Dawson, successfully defended their titles at Indian Wells, winning three gold medals each. Gingrich defended his Men’s Senior Pro Doubles title with his partner, Dave Weinbach. Dawson also defended her titles in the Women’s senior Category, Women’s Senior Pro Singles, and Women’s Senior Pro Doubles with partner Cammy MacGregor.



A special rising star in the competition was 10-year-old Leo Chun from American Fork. He played with his father, Cedric, in Men’ Doubles 3.5 19+ and Mixed Doubles 3.0 19+ with Nancy Cook.



An outstanding player and the triple crown winner from the Championship this year was 15-year-old, Anna Leigh Waters. Out of the five thrilling final events on championship Sunday, Waters claimed three gold medals, including; Pro Women’s singles, Pro Women’s doubles, and Pro mixed doubles. Waters claimed her first gold medal in Women’s Singles, she teamed up with Catherine Parenteau to win her second gold medal in Women’s Doubles, and she teamed up with Riley Newman to claim her third gold medal in Pro mixed doubles.



The 2022 Pickleball championship was buzzing with so much energy from start to finish. It was filled with fun and thrill for all Pickleball fans. I can imagine how excited you are for the next championship, I’m excited, too, and Pickleball is going to get better.




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